Application Process and Terms of Condition

Booking procedure and policies for the internship program with IPI

Professional internship booking procedure: advance time frame required before the start of the internship is 8 weeks min.

Documents required for the placement (all in English)

Professional internship booking procedure: advance time frame required before the start of the internship is 8 weeks min.

Changes and cancellation after confirmation of the internship position

A change of the internship position after the confirmation has been issued is not possible. In case the company has to cancel the internship program due to unforeseen circumstances IPI will try to find a replacement position. If no replacement can be arranged the placement fee will be refunded.

Cancellations after confirmation of the internship by the intern will incur a fee depending on the time they are received and any difference to the amount paid will be refunded.

We recommend to get insurance to cover for cancellation costs.

Required English language skills

All students have to have an intermediate B2 level in English or have to enroll in English classes (combination of general and business English) to participate in the Internship program. These classes are designed to prepare the student for the internship and to get them used to the australian English and make them feel comfortable in communicating which is essential for a successful internship. If the level of English is below an intermediate B2 or IELTS 5.5 level additional English classes are required to get up to that level. We can provide an assessment test prior to the internship to determine how much English is recommended.

General policies during the internship

The student is offering his service in the agreed area unpaid for training purposes and assures that he does possess the skills and experience which were stated in the application.

If the intern needs to leave the position before the date agreed upon he needs to advise IPI as well as the employer 2 weeks prior to leaving.
Any free time and holidays need to be discussed with the internship provider and in case of illness a doctors certificate needs to be provided if unfit to work for more than 1 day. All regulations within the company have to be followed and for some positions a non-disclosure agreement might have to be signed. It is not acceptable to ask for payment during the training period and any extension of the internship needs to be discussed with IPI and the company and a new internship agreement needs to be signed and any applicable fee needs to be paid to IPI.

Change of dates

If the set date for the internship needs to be changed after the confirmation letter was received the new dates need to be requested through IPI and if the change is possible a new confirmation letter will be issued. A onetime fee of $100 is due in that instance to IPI. If the internship provider is not able to accept the intern for the new dates and the internship is too short or not possible anymore a refund will only be issued at IPI´s discretion depending on the time frame before arrival and the area of placement.

Termination by the internship provider

If the internship provider has to terminate the internship due to misconduct or any issues caused by the intern no replacement position will be offered nor any refund. Furthermore the intern is fully liable if any damage that might have been caused to the company. In that case the program will be terminated and the intern has to arrange for any further stay or return and also has to leave the homestay.

If the internship is terminated or cancelled by the internship provider for any other reason outside of the control of the intern IPI will find a replacement position without further charges


In peak season (Nov-Apr) there is only limited accommodation available and it is recommended to book it as soon as the internship has been confirmed. There are three different possibilities for accommodation :

all 3 options have to be booked upon enrollment into the program and paid together with the placement fee.

The payment of all accommodation services is due 4 weeks before arrival. In case the intern has to leave the accommodation earlier then booked prior it needs to be cancelled 4 weeks prior through IPI in order to receive any refund.

Once confirmed the accommodation cannot be changed to another location unless there is an adequate reason for it. If the accommodation provider is asking for a deposit or refund for key or cleaning this will be advised prior to booking.

All tenants are responsible for any damage caused to the house or possessions. We are trying to choose the accommodation according to the location of the internship and to keep the travel time as low as possible and will ensure that there is quick access to public transport. The max travel time should not be over 45 minutes. Any extension of the accommodation is only possible by sending a request to IPI as it might be already planned for another intern. If the extension is possible the additional time can be paid directly to the provider.


IPI has suitable insurance providers available and can help to get the right cover.


Before applying for the internship program it needs to be checked if the eligibility requirements are met to obtain a working holiday visa. Information on who can apply for the 417 or 462 visa can be found under : All internship applicants need to apply for the visa in their home country before planning their trip to Australia and a copy of the visa needs to be supplied to the intern-ship provider upon arrival.

Duration of internship

Most professional internships require a minimum of 4 weeks but some specific areas may require more depending on the internship provider.
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