Improve your language skills

You will get proficient in English and You’ll be able to network on an international scale and truly experience the australian culture. Living abroad, for no matter how long, is the perfect opportunity to improve your language skills. You will be totally immersed in the local culture, giving you the best opportunity to kickstart your speaking abilities. To add to this, you’ll have colleagues you can practice with during your working hours. Believe it or not, there are also often free language courses in big cities. Since you will have spare time in the evenings and weekends, this gives you a chance to be fully immersed in the language and take part in these voluntary classes. Taking a language course is also a great way to make new friends outside of your working environment which is handy for interns on longer term placements since you can build a network to keep you company when you’re not in the office. You get to see and experience a new country There’s no greater chance to travel than while living abroad. With the number of cheap flights available, there are a plethora of opportunities to travel to different cities and countries on your weekends. So, with the chance to learn a new language, travel the globe and make endless international friends, the perks of an internship abroad cannot be stressed enough.

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