Our corporate world is getting more connected rapidly in a changing global economy and international skills in a variety of areas are becoming more and more important. We are constantly striving to match our candidate’s academic skills with host organizations and put them into use in the best way possible to provide a win/win situations for the student as well as the host organization.

Most students have intermediate English Skills and a language assessment is part of the application process and sometimes skype interviews are arranged if needed. If the level is not sufficient at time of application we offer English classes to get them to the required level prior to the internship.

All interns are pre-screened and booked through specialized internship placement agents overseas who take care of all the arrangements incl. visa, insurance, flights and accommodation.

Why should your company host a student?

Our highly skilled and enthusiastic students have helped a lot of organizations reach their objectives and providing valuable support in scientific as well as other areas.
All of our interns are either current undergraduate, post-graduate students or recent graduates and most of them already have gained practical experience or had prior jobs and are able to take on their own projects
The student are provided with a complete insurance package including health insurance, travel insurance and private liability and will provide an English copy of their policy to the company.
There is no cost involved for the host organization as most students receive financial support from either their universities or government bodies or have prepared for the internship a long time.
The students can provide fulltime support and are available 40 hours a week.
All internships are unpaid.
The students have their own local coordinator looking after them to resolve any issues that might arise.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have or if you want to sign up as a host organization.

What Host Companies Say?

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