Homestay Hosts

Homestay Hosts

A homestay is a private home accepting overseas students to live as a part of the family, a homestay host can be an individual, couple or family.

Being a homestay host provides great insights into other cultures and can be a very rewarding cultural exchange experience with a financial remuneration. Life-long friendships are often established through the process. It is not a matter of simply renting out a room in your house.

Students choose to pay for homestay accommodation during their study because it offers them the opportunity to be part of a good family environment. They like to be treated like members of the family.

We are cooperating with numerous Homestay providers throughout Perth and always try to match the student’s requirements with the homestay the best we can and assure that the travel time between accommodation and the work place does not exceed 45 minutes by public transport.

Why should I become a host family?

Being an Exchange Student Host Family can bring a new perspective to your life. Having someone from another country stay in your home can be a real eye-opener for kids and parents alike.

It will allow your family to experience a new member’s culture and customs first hand and most make friends for life.
Every Family Member will have a Unique Experience
You and your family will be exploring your differences and discovering surprising similarities.
One of the great experiences offered through hosting an international student is learning about another culture as you get to share your own. Students are excited about learning Australian English and culture, and your warm welcome improves their chances for academic success and cultural acceptance while far from home.

Standard of Homestay Requirements:

The home must be clean and have appropriate furnishings suitable for adult students between 20 and 30 years of age
The home must be located in walking distance to public transportation
The Homestay Hosts / carers must reside at the Homestay Premises
Each student is to have as a minimum their own room, bed, desk or if a shared room no more than 2 (two) persons per room (same sex) each of whom must have separate bed and desk
Students are not to share rooms with host family members and sharing arrangements will only be provided if the parents of the student(s) so request;
Rooms assigned to students are solely for the student’s use and not for the use of other family members that requires regular access such as storage
There are to be no more than 3 (three) overseas students residing in the home
Students are to be given a key to the home or arrangements made so that the student can gain access to the home at any time;
There must be heating in winter and some means of cooling in summer;
There must be access to bathroom, with reasonable time allowed for showers
There must be access to kitchen and laundry facilities and use of shared living areas of home
House rules are to be discussed and explained to the student by the host parents, (including but not limited to friends visiting, use of phone and incoming calls, cleaning of room or other household tasks)
Use of telephone and/or computer facilities is to be at students own expense. However charges to the student should only cover the actual cost of phone or internet usage. Use of Homestay internet will be restricted including restrictions on downloads.
Interested? Please contact us to sign up to be a homestay provider!

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