Develop a global network

Working in a country abroad gives you the perfect opportunity to develop a global network of colleagues and mentors. The benefit of having international peers is you have the chance to learn an abundance of knowledge and information from your surrounding network. Since different cultures have new and exciting ways of dealing with problems and situations, your skill set will improve drastically as you begin to handle things from an international perspective. The other significant benefit of having such a global network is the friends you will gain. Working with people from around the world significantly opens up your opportunities to travel and discover new countries. With friends in Paris, Sydney and Berlin, you will have reasons to explore the globe and the chance to see these great cities. Employers often remark that new graduates are missing key social skills. Young professionals have knowledge and theory transferred to them through university but need to work on their ability to integrate into a working environment. For this reason, there is arguably no better solution than interning in an international office where your communication skills can grow to exceed those expected of a new graduate.

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