About Us

IPI (Internships Perth International) is a placement agency for international students seeking professional work experience in Perth, West Australia.

The original placement agency was established over 15 years ago and we have maintained the good partnership to the leading Australian organizations, government departments and other institutions to supply our international students with work experience programs tailored to the specific academic background and area of interest of each student.

In the last 5 years we worked hard to expand our areas of placements even more and we are now able to offer internships in a variety of professional fields and cover most of the industries available in Perth.

We even work together with international universities and assure all requirements of a mandatory internships are met and assist with projects like writing a master thesis.

Operations and Management

Sandra Beck took over the internship placement agency in 2010 as part of her travel business and renamed it IPI in 2015 to separate the 2 businesses and allow it to grow further. Sandra has started her career in the travel industry in Germany and continued her career in the USA for several years and held different management positions at tour operators, conference centres and international tradeshow companies before moving back to Germany and starting her own business. After moving to Australia in 2009 she got involved in the internship placement area and made it part of her travel business catering mostly for German students. In 2015 IPI became more international and is now accepting applications from all nationalities who are part of the work & holiday scheme.

Due to being a former exchange student herself and graduating from high school in the USA she can relate to the students and appreciates how much it shaped her career.

“It gives me an enormous amount of satisfaction when I see how successful a placement has been and how it positively influenced the student in so many ways providing not just “work experience” but an experience for life which will never be forgotten and be a building block in their career.”